Nightly builds

We are providing demo builds (when changes have been merged) of the latest development version every day --- called 'nightlies', as they are build during the night.

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Nightly 2023-09-27

  • Fix: Parent space in Chat is shown.
  • Fix: Invite flow for chat reactivated
  • Fix: Joining related chats from a space
  • Fix: Setting the power level of members in a space
  • UX: Show content of Registration Token
  • Removed: Acter welcome screen when the user has no spaces
  • Fix: When redacting content, move back to the type index for that space

Nightly 2023-09-23

  • move spaces invite functionality to About section of overview as a button. The current limit of invitations is 100 people and button will not be visible exceeding that.

Nightly 2023-09-21

  • fix: chat input sends message as a part of reply even if its not meant to be reply (after closing reply UI). This is fixed now.

  • Dashboard/Overview:

    • Spaces listing is now prioritized to be shown on top.
    • Fewer joined spaces will now show 'create space' and 'join space' buttons below for easier accessibility. If more than 5 joined spaces, this'll be replaced with 'show all spaces' button.
    • Calendar widget is now removed and will be added when its properly functional.
    • Update theme of UI cards.
  • Pins:

    • Remove non functional button (pins filtering).
    • Update theme of section.
  • Calendar Events:

    • Calendar events can now be accessed from quick jump actions, showing all events, user is part of.
    • Update theme of section.
  • Some layout improvements in card component views.

Nightly 2023-09-18

  • [fix] chat input is linked with room now and will preserve.

Nightly 2023-09-17

  • Added support for redacting content (Pins, News Updates, Events) to allow users to clean up the Space

  • A massive refactoring of the entire Chat section of the app, brings a lot of improvements:

    • better performance of the chat section
    • cached latest message and latest-message oriented sorting
    • immediately access to the cached chat rooms list at startup
    • better managements of spaces and rooms, fewer UI refreshes

Nightly 2023-09-11

  • You now have the ability to block users and content. You can report any content, or chat message and block individual users. From the settings screen you can manage, remove and add users to block.
  • Improvements in the Settings screen allow for a more intuitive and cleaner flow
  • Reworked the Sessions screen to give clearer instructions and explain what you see on it.