Nightly builds

We are providing demo builds (when changes have been merged) of the latest development version every day --- called 'nightlies', as they are build during the night.

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Nightly 2023-09-06

  • [fix] Some space members avatars failed to load due to internal wrong references. This has been fixed.

Nightly 2023-09-01

  • Implement emote event handling

  • Remove verification event handling from room module

  • Simplify the constructor of RoomEventItem and RoomMessage

  • Implement location event handling

  • The names of some events were changed via new matrix-sdk upgrade:

    • ->
    • ->
    • ->
    • ->
    • ->
    • ->
  • Implement editing of text message

  • Implement editing of image/audio/video/file message

  • Implement editing of location message

Nightly 2023-08-30

  • Ability to trigger a GDPR-compliant user deactivation from the user profile added

Nightly 2023-08-29

  • User can now edit pins

  • Pins can now contain both a URL and a description

  • Pins & Updates creation screens now show-case markdown-preview upon request

  • Space-selector has been cleaned up and unified across various creation screens

  • Routing for items within a space has been fixed: shows up as full screen item now.

  • Wide range Emoji support using Noto Emoji

  • Improved Emoji Picker Widget and Quick-Picker Items

  • Emoji reactions in chat can now be clicked to sent the same reaction

  • More positive start set of emoji in quick-picker

  • [fix] Emoji drawer now shows the correct users

  • [fix] Chat rooms are immediately loaded at startup

  • You can now configure which Apps/Features should be enabled per Space in the space settings. Further more you can also change the power level required to use any particular feature.

Nightly 2023-08-28

  • [feature] On desktop, chats overview section will now support split view and be adaptive, making it easier for navigation and see the content all in one view.
  • [fix] Setting section UI improvements.
  • [fix] Space chats routing.

Nightly 2023-08-27

  • Activities Cards now render HTML (if given)
  • Messages when a user changes name or avatar are a lot more legible now

Nightly 2023-08-26

  • [fix] Text input field now expands when typing longer messages on desktop.

  • New CLI interface added to allow for easier troubleshooting, see it's docs for further information