Nightly builds

We are providing demo builds (when changes have been merged) of the latest development version every day --- called 'nightlies', as they are build during the night.

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Nightly 2023-08-25

  • Implement the KeyVerficationReady event handling

  • Fix bug in action button layout of emoji confirmation dialog

  • Implement the sessions page that can be accessed from activities page

Nightly 2023-08-22

  • [fix] Cases in which My profile showed up blank.

  • [fix] Messed up title when clicking on Events now displaying correctly.

  • [chat] Hitting enter key on desktop now sends the message instead of going to next line .

Nightly 2023-08-19

  • Chat is now supported with attachments. You can now send image(s) and files as messages.
  • [fix] When opening the room, images get stuck with loading indicator sometimes. This has been fixed.

Nightly 2023-08-18

  • Use instead of in build function
  • Use instead of in event handling
  • Improve riverpod notifier
  • Replace var with final as much as possible

Nightly 2023-08-17

  • Chat room latest message timestamps have been updated to be human readable format.
  • [fix] Chat rooms ordering will now happen correctly according to timestamps (both in realtime and initial load).

Nightly 2023-08-12

  • We now show indicators about access-level (e.g. if it is public) and whether it is end-to-end-encrypted on the top of the Space view

  • Support for non-acter spaces has been added: show an indicator in the top bar as well, as clear the features unavailable and show a large message box with optional upgrade button (if you have the permissions) on non-acter-spaces.

  • [chat] Invites are now enabled for chat. After room creation, you can invite other users by going to room profile and adding them. (if have permissions).

  • [fix] Earlier some messages with mentions were getting overflow in some scenarios. This should not be happening now.

  • [fix] Chat pagination. Messages timeline should now correctly identify the end of history.

  • [enhance] Server messages, redacted and encrypted events are now distinct.

  • [fix] remove unimplemented features.

  • [enhance] chat room member events will present more info.

Nightly 2023-08-09

  • This update covers the latest matrix-sdk prior to indexmap upgrade. I couldn't accept indexmap upgrade, because it causes version conflict between many crates.
  • proc-macro2 version pinning is removed from a3 project, and it is kept in ffi-gen.
  • Changed some code in login, because new matrix-sdk introduced AuthSession.

Nightly 2023-08-08

  • [fix] Images in chat on render, appear to be flickering. This is fixed now.

  • [fix] Messages which had large content are now automatically been stripped off to show less when replying.

  • Image message visual improvements when replying.

  • Overall on the entire subspace / related chats section; "Room not found"-issue should be gone now

  • Chats and Spaces created with a parent are now set up to be seen and accessible by their parent (by default)

  • Canonical Parent is shown everywhere (it makes sense): sidebar, chat listing, etc

  • Joining subspaces with public or restricted mode now possible

  • [fix] fixed My profile page widget tree errors

  • [fix] fixed Events page card display errors